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Call us or message us, and we will visit free of charge to see your sofa for reupholstery.
On our visit we will give you options for reupholstery, you have to choose and select fabric or leather for your taste.
Estimation and sofa pickup from location.
Sofa Reupholstery at our state of the art workshop, we make sure that you get a great sofa.
Sofa dropoff at your given location.

Dubai Upholstery

At Sofa Repair Dubai, we are all about quality. Whether it's re upholstery or curtain making; from the fabric to craftsmanship we ensure you get the best service.

This implies when you pick us, you can make certain that you get proficient reupholstery professionals and a fulfillment from the specialists.

Why Reupholster?

Reupholstery is an environmentally friendly way of updating your old sofa, couch, chairs or any furniture, if you own a good quality piece of furniture that's old by time and out dated, re-upholstery is the perfect solution.

1. You know it fits & you like it.
2. Cheaper than buying new.
3. Tailored to your needs.
4. Environmentally friendly.
Upholstery/Sofa Repair Craftsmanship
Upholster and Reupholster  Upholster & Reupholster
Mastered Cutting  Mastered Cutting
Premium Fabric  Premium Fabric
Finest Stitching  Finest Stitching
Synthetic/Genuine Leather  Synthetic/Genuine Leather
Detail Finish  Detail Finish
Perfect Measurements  Perfect Measurements